Los Angeles County Criminal Defense Attorney

Serving Clients throughout Southern California, including Redondo Beach, Torrance, El Segundo, and Hermosa Beach, CA

Have you been arrested? Whether you have been taken into custody or have recently discovered that you are a suspect in a police investigation, one of the most important things you can do is to involve an attorney. You will need to act quickly and work with a local lawyer who can get started in protecting your rights immediately. At our firm, we represent clients throughout Torrance, Long Beach, Gardena, Inglewood, Hermosa Beach, El Segundo, and Redondo Beach from our offices in Manhattan Beach.

Though the circumstances surrounding your case may vary, one thing will remain true. You have the right to legal counsel. Exercise this right by involving a Los Angeles County criminal defense lawyer who will fight for you. Our lead attorney is on the Criminal Law Executive Committee for the State Bar of California. He is also responsible for educating practitioners in criminal law throughout the state. His experience is great, and his commitment to his clients is unparalleled. Instead of taking chances with your future, choose the hard-hitting legal counsel we have to offer.

Arrested or facing criminal charges? Contact a lawyer at our firm.

You have much to gain by discussing your case and concerns with an attorney at our offices. This will be your opportunity to find out what you can do to positively impact your case, and to discuss whether you even need a lawyer at this time. Our team provides criminal defense counsel in the face of a broad range of criminal charges in state, federal, and juvenile court. Whether your case involves a minor drug possession offense or a crime that may threaten to put you away for life under California's Three Strikes Law, we stand prepared to defend your legal rights, your freedom, and your good name.

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Redondo Beach
Criminal Defense Lawyer

Representing Clients in State, Federal, and Juvenile Court

A person who has been accused of a crime is in a precarious position, to put it lightly. Depending on the nature of the alleged offense and the penalties a conviction may bring, a defendant may be in danger of facing incarceration, heavy fines, and other penalties such as sex offender registration. This is why it is so important to involve a Redondo Beach criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Once you have become aware that you are under investigation or if you have already been arrested, you need to move quickly and discuss your options with a lawyer.

You may have been driving home from dinner with some friends, only to be pulled over and then arrested for DUI. You may be on probation and have been accused of a violation of some kind, such as a failure to report to your probation officer. You may work at a large corporation and have discovered that you are under investigation for embezzlement or a similar white-collar crime. No matter the circumstances surrounding your case, you will need to involve an attorney.

Criminal Attorney Serving Redondo Beach, CA

At the Law Offices of Decio Rangel Jr., we understand that our legal representation may mean the difference between a jail cell and freedom for our client. That is why we go the extra mile in every case we handle, utilizing all of the tools and resources at our disposal to challenge physical evidence, witness testimony, and all other parts of the prosecuting attorney's case. In addition to providing criminal defense counsel in the face of criminal charges, we can offer post-conviction relief in the form of expungements (to clear your criminal record) and appeals (to challenge the verdict or sentence).

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Gardena Criminal Defense Lawyer

Protecting Your Rights Against
Criminal Charges

If you have recently been charged with a crime, you may be unsure as to whether you need to hire a lawyer when the state will provide one for you. One thing is certain – you can't afford to be stuck with an apathetic and inexperienced attorney at this critical time in your life. Here at the Law Offices of Decio Rangel Jr., you will find the dedication and legal experience that you need to fight your charges with a strong defense case.

Our firm fights tirelessly to defend the rights of every client, regardless of the nature of their criminal charges. From internet crimes to theft crimes, DUI, and more, we are not afraid to take on the most challenging or hopeless cases. Gardena criminal defense lawyer Decio Rangel Jr. is highly knowledgeable in criminal defense law and the strategies that are effective in challenging charges throughout Los Angeles.

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Gardena, CA

Our firm's founding attorney, Decio Rangel Jr., utilizes his experience as a former prosecutor to provide his clients with a strong courtroom presence. He has been called upon by Good Morning America, ABC News, CBS News, and the Los Angeles Times for his legal insight in all areas of the law. Our firm understands that everyone makes mistakes, and you don't deserve to suffer lifelong penalties for a mistake. We provide strong legal advocacy for individuals facing immigration issues and probation violations, and for those needing help obtaining bail bonds as well.

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Inglewood Criminal Lawyer

Accused of a crime in Inglewood?

There are a large number of violent crimes and property crimes that are committed in the Inglewood area on a consistent basis. Because of the high crime rate, police officers and law enforcement agents are more likely to arrest and accuse individuals of crimes. If you have been arrested for a crime, you should call Inglewood criminal defense attorney Decio Rangel, Jr. immediately. He is prepared to protect your rights from the outset of your criminal case so that you can have the best chance at avoiding conviction.

Having the help of a committed and reliable defense attorney is invaluable during this challenging time in your life. Here at The Law Offices of Decio Rangel Jr., we are proud to provide the highest quality of criminal defense representation for our clients. We understand what is on the line with your case, and that is why we devote personal time and attention to building the strongest defense possible.

Call an Inglewood criminal defense attorney today!

There is no substitute for trial experience in criminal cases, and our firm's leading attorney, Decio Rangel Jr., has extensive experience in the courtroom in addition to his record of outstanding case results. He is on the Criminal Law Executive Committee for the State Bar of California and is also responsible for educating criminal practitioners in the state. He is well-revered by peers and clients for his thorough knowledge of criminal law and his ability to challenge criminal charges.

Regardless of whether you have been accused of a federal crime, juvenile crime, or white-collar crime, you can rest assured that your rights will be protected when you choose to work with our firm.

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Long Beach
Criminal Defense Lawyer

Aggressive Legal Defense in Long Beach, CA

There are countless criminal charges that one can be accused of in Long Beach, and these offenses may range from serious felony crimes all the way to misdemeanor crimes like DUI. Regardless of the nature of your criminal charges, you must take action to protect your rights and your future from serious penalties. The state of California has enacted harsh penalties for individuals accused of federal crimes and those convicted of three strikes, and you must be confident that you have an experienced and dedicated legal advocate on your side. Without a Long Beach criminal defense attorney, you will have no way of building a strong defense case against your charges.

Here at the Law Offices of Decio Rangel Jr., we devote time and attention to thoroughly investigating the charges and evidence brought against you. We understand the devastating impact that a conviction can have on your life, and that is why we work tirelessly to provide you with the strongest defense possible.

Talented Long Beach
Criminal Attorney

It is best to call our firm immediately after you learn of your charges so that we can be proactive in protecting your rights and building your defense. We can represent clients in all types of criminal cases in the Long Beach area, including weapon crimes, violent crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes, and more. No case is too challenging or too hopeless for us to take on, and we will never give up on a case.

Our firm's founding attorney, Decio Rangel Jr., served as a Deputy District Attorney in the past, and he uses his profound insight into the criminal justice system to benefit his clients. Don't hesitate to call our firm and learn more about the criminal defense services we can provide.

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Criminal Defense Attorney
in Torrance

Are you in need of a Torrance criminal defense attorney? Even if you are unsure of whether you need a lawyer at this point, if you are dealing with any type of issue related to criminal charges, an arrest, or accusations of a crime, it is a wise choice to discuss your options with a legal professional.

Any person, in any walk of life, may be in danger of facing criminal charges at some point or another. It may be a teenager who is arrested for possession of marijuana, a CEO who is accused of embezzlement, or a single parent who is arrested for DUI. Irrespective of one's status in life or the nature of the specific charges, they may have a tremendous and lasting impact. In these matters, it is important to do two things:

Criminal Defense Lawyer for Misdemeanor and Felony Charges, serving Torrance

At our firm, you will find that we have the experience and commitment it takes to challenge criminal charges, whether it is in state, juvenile, or federal court. We represent clients throughout Torrance and the surrounding communities and are ready to see how we can best assist you. Our founding attorney, Decio Rangel Jr., is a former prosecutor and skilled criminal defense attorney who has been called upon by Good Morning America, ABC News, CBS News, and the Los Angeles Times for his legal insight. He has extensive trial experience, from DUI to murder, and knows what it takes to excel in criminal court.

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Hermosa Beach Criminal Lawyer

Experienced Criminal Defense Counsel for Defendants in the Hermosa Beach Area

If you have been accused of a crime or a loved one has been arrested in or around the Hermosa Beach area, it is important to work with a local attorney who is familiar with the law enforcement officers, court personnel, judges, and prosecutors in the area. An experienced Hermosa Beach criminal defense lawyer can help you take the right approach to your case in order to challenge the allegations early in the process, possibly enabling you to avoid formal charges in the first place.

Our criminal defense law firm handles misdemeanor and felony cases for clients throughout the Hermosa Beach area. We understand the particular factors that come into play when representing a minor in juvenile court or a client in federal court and apply this knowledge to effectively protect our client's rights in these cases. You may be dealing with a case involving a white-collar crime, simple DUI or drug possession, serious sex crime, or theft offense. No matter the severity of the charges or the nature of your case, we can help.

Arrested? Contact a criminal defense lawyer at our firm!

From the moment you are arrested, whether it is for a relatively minor offense such as drug possession or a serious violent crime, you will be in need of legal counsel. It is imperative that you involve an attorney as soon as possible. The Hermosa Beach Police Department and prosecuting attorney will be actively working to try to secure enough evidence against you to press charges and secure a conviction. Only with early involvement by a criminal defense lawyer can you be certain that your constitutional rights will be protected through the entire process.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Serving El Segundo, CA

Aggressive Defense for DUI, Theft, and All State and Federal Crimes

A person may face criminal charges for any of a number of acts that are illegal according to state and/or federal law. These offenses may range from such serious crimes as kidnapping or murder all the way to the possession of an illegal weapon or DUI (driving under the influence). No matter the nature of the charges that a defendant may face or the specific circumstances surrounding these charges, one thing holds true: the defendant has the right to an attorney. In fact, this is potentially one of the most important constitutional rights when it comes to criminal charges. Without a criminal defense lawyer, a defendant would have no hope of having his or her other constitutional rights protected in the midst of legal proceedings.

An El Segundo criminal defense attorney at our firm, the Law Offices of Decio Rangel Jr., can make an accurate assessment of your case to determine how best to protect your rights and freedom. We know what is at stake for our clients in these matters and will fight tirelessly to help them avoid imprisonment, fines, and a ruined reputation. A criminal conviction may also have a significant impact on one's ability to find a job, pursue certain careers, live in certain areas, qualify for loans, and even own a firearm. In some criminal cases, the defendant will face even worse consequences due to lifetime sex offender registration.

Our law firm can represent clients in all types of criminal cases in the El Segundo area. This includes cases for minors in juvenile court as well as federal cases involving investigations by the FBI, DEA, and other federal agencies. We can assist you if you have been accused of a probation violation or have been arrested for any type of theft crime, violent crime, sex crime, or drug crime. We also handle expungements for clients who wish to clear their criminal records and can help wrongfully convicted or sentenced defendants with criminal appeals.

When to Involve an El Segundo Criminal Defense Lawyer

When it comes to criminal cases, it is best to act as quickly as possible. You will have a limited window of opportunity before things start spiraling out of control, and you are facing formal criminal charges. The earlier your lawyer is able to become involved in your case, the more of an impact he or she will be able to make on its outcome.

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