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Probation is a form of sentencing ordered by a judge instead of incarceration. When a person is sentenced to probation, they are often required to have regular meetings with a probation officer. Other terms of the probation can include:

You can be charged with probation violation for failing to comply with any condition of your probation, such as missing a court appointment, not completing any required counseling or treatment program, possessing a deadly weapon, possession or use of a controlled substance, or an arrest for the commission of another crime. If you have been arrested for violating your probation, contact our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer at once for legal representation.

Protect Your Second Chance in Court

When a person violates their probation, a hearing will be held where the evidence against you will be reviewed. A judge will make a ruling in the matter based on a preponderance of evidence, as opposed to guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Possible outcomes to the hearing include your probation remaining in effect, a change in the terms of your probation, the extension of your probation, or probation revocation. If your probation is terminated, you will be sent to jail to complete your sentencing.

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The Law Offices of Decio Rangel Jr. can provide effective legal advocacy when disputing probation violation charges. We are a respected criminal defense firm that will protect your rights and conduct an aggressive defense when fighting the allegations against you. Hiring an accomplished and knowledgeable defense firm to represent you at your hearing is extremely important. Without qualified representation, a favorable resolution to your legal situation is less likely.

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