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If you actively participated in the commission of a crime, you may be considered an accomplice, even though you may not have had any part in the actual criminal offense. The United States Code of Law Section 2 of Title 18 permits that if you counseled, instructed, commanded, induced, or helped in any way in the commitment of crime, then you can be punished as the principal offender. The principal offender refers to the person who is primarily responsible for the criminal offense.

This is different from being an accessory to the crime because if you were an abettor, then you were present for the crime and can be charged as the principal criminal in the case, whereas an accessory is typically not present for the crime. If you aided and abetted someone who committed a criminal offense, you may be liable for the same degree of guilt and share the same sentence as the primary offender, especially for capital crimes.

Protecting Yourself Against a Criminal Conviction

If the main offender cannot be proven guilty and shown to be personally responsible for the crime, then the person who acted as their accomplice and worked together with them can be charged as an accessory to the crime.

For instance, if someone robs a bank and afterward you help them hide the stolen cash somewhere, even though you were not the one to actually steal it, you can be charged with aiding and abetting. Most charges of this nature are considered felonies. If you are found guilty of this crime, you may face any of the following penalties (which depend upon the severity of the offense):

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