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Torrance Criminal Defense Lawyer

Charged with a crime in Torrance?

If you are facing criminal charges, there are few more important life decisions than the one regarding your choice of a defense lawyer. It is a well established fact that the quality of your defense attorney can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. Not all law firms are focused on criminal law, and may offer these services - but do they have the real life trial experience you need? At The Law Offices of Decio Rangel Jr., our lead attorney is not only on the Criminal Law Executive Committee for the State Bar of California, but is also responsible for educating criminal law practitioners in the state. There is absolutely no substitute for trial experience in criminal cases. Our firm provides clients with the high quality, hard-hitting defense counsel you will need to defend against serious criminal charges.

Have you been accused of committing a crime? Have you or a loved one been arrested, or have you recently become aware of a criminal investigation against you or your company? You need to move quickly and contact a Torrance criminal defense attorney who has the experience, skill and resources to competently handle your case. Your freedom may be on the line, and only a strong advocate for your rights will be able to protect you from imprisonment, fines and the other penalties that come with a criminal conviction. The sooner you act, the more of an impact your lawyer will be able to have on your case, and this may include being able to protect you from having formal charges filed against you in the first place.

Every case is different, so we recommend calling our offices to talk to a legal professional about your options. We can answer your questions and can also offer you straightforward guidance that addresses whatever concerns you may have at this crucial point.

Criminal Defense Attorney serving Torrance

Our firm represents accused individuals in all types of criminal cases, including internet crimes, federal crimes, three strikes cases, violent crimes including assault & battery, homicide or murder and domestic violence. We defend those facing charges of theft crimes, white collar crimes including fraud and embezzlement, and all types of drug crimes, either in state or federal court. Even if you were not the primary offender for a crime, you may be charged with aiding and abetting in the commission of that crime. When you are accused of DUI, we advise that you contact our firm at once; even a first offense can have severe repercussions. Our firm is very familiar with challenging DUI evidence and defending against all types of DUI offenses in court, including felony DUI.

Those who are facing sex crime charges are in serious legal trouble. There are few situations that are more dangerous with regard to your future and freedom, as well as your reputation. We have extensive experience in defending against all types of sex crime charges, and are prepared to analyze your situation and advise you what can be done to defend you and protect your rights and future throughout the criminal procedure. The ramifications of a conviction are very severe, and you should move quickly to contact our firm if you are accused of any sex crime. Those who are facing immigration issues related to criminal charges will require knowledge of both the federal immigration court and criminal law; we can help you defend your rights and fight for your future ability to live in the U.S. We also provide the experience and commitment you need if you have suffered a miscarriage of justice and need to file an appeal.

Having served as a Deputy District Attorney in the past, our lead attorney has profound insight into the criminal justice system, and how to successfully navigate and negotiate on behalf of those facing criminal charges. The justice system is extremely tough in California, and you need every advantage that can be gained if you are hoping to achieve a dismissed charge, reduced charge or an acquittal at trial. The first and most important step is to contact our firm as soon as you have been arrested, or if you discover that you are under investigation in a criminal case. Our accomplished attorney will review your situation and advise you what strategy can be employed to defend you in court.

Our team represents clients in Torrance and the surrounding areas, including Redondo Beach, Long Beach, Inglewood, Gardena, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and El Segundo.

Contact a Torrance criminal defense lawyer from the firm for an aggressive defense against criminal charges.

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