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It is important to know your rights. As soon as the police stop you, there are a myriad of rights that you are entitled to under the Constitution. If any of these are violated, it is quite possible that you cannot be prosecuted.

First and foremost, you have the right to remain silent. Prior to any questioning while in custody, the police have to read you your Miranda Rights. This also means that you have a right to an attorney during questioning. Do not speak to law enforcement prior to seeking legal advice.

Protect your rights

Our lawyers are committed to protecting your rights. Our confidence in our abilities stems from our record of succeeding with cases others believed were impossible to win. Other obstacles we have overcome include:

  • Cases in which the accused has signed a confession or "voluntary statement." We have had the confessions suppressed and emerged with the win.
  • Cases under investigation and with strong evidence. We have worked with law enforcement and prosecutors, averting a criminal filing in many of those cases.
  • Cases in which the accused has already pleaded guilty to the crime. We have had the plea vacated in these cases and have come out successful.
  • You should have hope. No matter what crime you have been accused of, no matter what challenge stands in the way, no matter what… we are here to protect your rights.

We will take strong action to challenge any mistakes that law enforcement officers or the prosecution have made. Police have been known to go too far, sometimes overstepping their authority. Similarly, prosecutors can overreach in their charging decisions and the evidence they try to use. Our team includes a former member of the elite team of prosecutors entrusted to prosecute law enforcement officials. We will find the mistakes by law enforcement other attorneys miss.

We will fight to preserve your reputation and future.

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