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The Law Offices of Decio Rangel, Jr., PC provides personalized service to clients throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. As a former Deputy District Attorney, Decio Rangel, Jr. has worked in the Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento County District Attorneys' Offices. He has been assigned to elite units including advanced training in sex crimes and law enforcement prosecutions. We bring our relationships and a unique knowledge of the legal system to our clients while providing personalized service.

Our Dedication to Each and Every Client

Our lawyers see every person as a commitment. Whether fighting a misdemeanor DUI or a high-profile murder, we put the complete resources of the firm behind each case in preparing and fighting to keep our clients free of jail and clean of criminal records. We put together a team of highly skilled attorneys, paralegals and investigators who regularly confer and strategize when we accept a client.

Early Intervention Matters in Criminal Cases

At the Law Offices of Decio Rangel, Jr., PC you will find experience and a tenacious work ethic. Our dedication to fighting for people who have been accused of crimes is premised upon our commitment to protecting your rights. We believe there is no substitute for early intervention. As soon as we are on the case, we begin work on your case. Very often, the successful resolution of a case can hinge on how fast legal motions are filed and subpoenas sought.

We handle matters with the attention and assiduous work performance our clients deserve. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day.

Vital Experience as Former Prosecutors

Relationships often make the difference between winning and losing. Our relationships with prosecutors are unparalleled. Decio Rangel, Jr. worked for over 11 years in the Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento County District Attorneys' offices. With this experience, our offices know both the players in the courtroom as well as their thought process.

This experience includes working for a high profile prosecution team who went after corrupt judges, lawyers and police officers. With this inside experience, our team of lawyers have mastered and picked apart the inner workings of the police and sheriff departments throughout Southern California. Drawing on this exposure to the inner workings of the California criminal justice system, the Rangel Law Firm defends clients against criminal charges throughout California.

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