Fraud Embezzlement Defense

Overview of Fraud Embezzlement

The crime of fraud is commonly defined as the use of deceit to unlawfully gain possession of someone else’s property. Theft is the motivating element in almost all fraud cases and money is the most frequently chosen object. Fraud embezzlement is a white collar crime that occurs when an individual steals financial resources that the accused individual was responsible for managing. Fraud embezzlement typically involves an employee stealing from an employer for example it can be as simple as slightly under reporting the day’s income up to misappropriating enormous sums from investment accounts.

The penalties for fraud embezzlement vary largely depending on the amount stolen but in any case the consequences can be severe including fines, restitution, jail time or even a prison sentence. A conviction for fraud embezzlement can leave you with a criminal record that limits future employment opportunities, credit applications and even housing options. It is very important that you contact a skilled and experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney right away to assist you in avoiding the harshest penalties. One of our seasoned lawyers can aggressively defend your rights and help protect your future.

Los Angeles White Collar Crime Lawyer

The Law Offices of Decio Rangel, Jr. have been effectively standing up for the rights of the accused for over 15 years. Our firm was founded by a former prosecutor giving us a unique insight into how the prosecution functions. We have access to expert resources allowing us to fully investigate your case and help you to determine your legal options. When you contact our energetic firm, we will not delay in methodically investigating all facets of your case and we will ensure that your rights were not violated in the course of your arrest. Our firm has the proven ability to both tirelessly protect your rights and tactfully negotiate with the prosecution seeking reduced charges or even a dismissal. If your case goes to trial, our seasoned lawyers have the extensive courtroom experience that will allow you to feel confident that you are being fully represented by a determined advocate that may be able to help you achieve the optimal outcome.

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