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When your child is accused of a juvenile crime, it can upset the family’s equilibrium terribly. As a parent, it may cause you to deep anxiety about your child’s future. The Law Offices of Decio Rangel, Jr., PC has provided excellent juvenile criminal defense to clients in Los Angeles for decades.

Juvenile Laws in Los Angeles

Based on juvenile laws, a child under 18 is tried as a minor. However, your child can be tried as an adult if charged with a serious crime including:

Though juvenile crime in is similar to the adult legal system, juvenile law has its own rules, regulations, and customary procedures. The California juvenile legal system prefers rehabilitation over incarceration whenever possible and does not hold jury trials. However, juveniles have the same set of rights as adults including:

  • Full and clear disclosure of charges
  • Right to legal representation
  • Humane arrest

Invoke a Child’s Constitutional Rights

Children arrested for juvenile crimes in Los Angeles should insist that their parents are present before speaking to the police. Your child should be polite and cooperative but refuse to answer questions and resist searches without a warrant—until a responsible adult can be present during the interview.

Juvenile laws in Los Angeles state the following:

  • Minors in custody have the right to make at least two phone calls—to a responsible relative, employer, and/or attorney—from the location where they are being held
  • If the minor is arrested and advised of his or her rights, the officers can proceed with questioning if:
  • The minor gives up the right to remain silent
  • The minor gives up the right to have an attorney present

However, waiving rights must be knowingly and intelligently done, and the police determine this by judging the minor’s:

  • Age
  • Intelligence
  • Education
  • Comprehensive abilities

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Juvenile laws view a minor's request to have parents present the same as a request for an attorney. Do not let your child speak to the police without a Los Angeles juvenile attorney present. Our firm provides excellent legal representation for clients throughout Los Angeles, including Gardena , Hermosa Beach , Long Beach , Inglewood , El Segundo and nearby communities!

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