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Internet crimes cover a broad range of offenses, including sexual misconduct, fraud, hacking, identity theft and cyber stalking. Law enforcement agencies closely monitor the Internet looking for offenders. If you have been charged with an Internet crime, contact our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer for immediate advice. You will need a criminal defense attorney that is well-versed in computer technology when fighting these potentially serious charges.

Attorneys at The Law Offices of Decio Rangel Jr. are determined and knowledgeable litigators that will use our extensive resources to investigate your charges and aggressively attack the prosecution’s case. Our firm is results-driven, and provides professional and dedicated legal representation to the accused throughout Los Angeles, including Long Beach, Inglewood, Gardena, Hermosa Beach, and other areas.

The Criminal Consequences of Internet Crimes

Internet crimes can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony. The penalties for an Internet criminal offense will depend on the facts of the case and the person’s prior criminal history. The consequences of a conviction can include:

  • Imprisonment
  • Fines and restitution
  • Community service
  • Court-ordered counseling
  • Sex offender registration

Under state laws, using the Internet to solicit a minor is serious offense. This includes any type of online contact with the intention of engaging in a sexual act. It is also illegal to use the Internet to distribute and possess child pornography. Internet fraud can include crimes such as phishing, which involves the sending of emails from supposedly legitimate companies in order to acquire personal and financial information for criminal purposes.

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Lawyers at our firm have a strong technology background and can effectively evaluate the evidence against you. We are also former prosecutors that know how to counter the tactics that will be used by the prosecution when seeking a conviction in your case. Attorney Decio Rangel Jr. is a respected litigator that has provided legal commentary for national television stations and publications, including Good Morning America, ABC News, CBS News, US Weekly and the Los Angeles Times. So contact the criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of Decio Rangel Jr. in Los Angeles for legal advice regarding your defense options.

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