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A question that many people ask when they are arrested for DUI is whether or not the offense is considered a felony. In most cases, it is safe to say that DUI does not result in felony charges. However, there are a number of scenarios that can contribute to a person being charged with felony DUI. These scenarios include:

  • Possessing past convictions for driving while under the influence.
  • Being charged with four or more DUI offenses in the last 10 years
  • Injuring or killing another or others as a result of driving while under the influence

The penalties for felony DUI are not insubstantial, and can include jail time, fines, restitution, probation, and mandatory enrollment in an alcohol education program. If the DUI offense has resulted in injuries or deaths, significant prison time may also be involved. In the event that you are facing felony DUI charges, it is important that you contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of Decio Rangel Jr. DUI cases can amongst the most complex of all criminal cases to navigate, but we are able to provide the experience and insight necessary to give one an increased chance of a successful outcome to their legal proceedings. We are available to help you in your felony DUI case, by preparing a defense that may result in your felony charges being reduced, if not dropped outright.

Felony DUI Accidents

The majority of felony DUI cases involve an accident in which innocent victims have been injured or killed. If a prosecutor is to successfully convict one of felony DUI, they must have the ability to prove that the collision was caused only by the intoxicated driver, and no one else. Should your felony DUI charges involve an injury or death, it is to your benefit to retain the help of a lawyer who may be able to establish fault on the part of the other individuals involved in the accident.

Charged with felony DUI? Contact a Los Angeles felony DUI attorney who can investigate your charges to determine if your rights were abused or undermined at any point during your arrest.

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