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If you are caught driving while intoxicated, the DMV will try and suspend your license. In past years, both the court and the DMV could have a license suspended, however, now the DMV solely holds that right. This can be harsh for people facing trial because the jury may not find the defendant guilty but the DMV could still take away their driving privileges.

If a person is arrested for a DUI, they have 10 days to schedule a hearing to contest their license suspension. This hearing will take place at a DMV office, usually the nearest one to where the offense occurred. At the meeting, the DMV officiator will cover the alcohol content, the results of the chemical test, and may have a testimony from the arresting officer or any witnesses.

It is interesting to note that the DMV hearing does not take place in a court of law. This makes the representative for the DMV both judge and prosecutor. This can hard for the defendant, as the same person who shows evidence against them will also be the one to decide upon it. However, a Los Angeles DUI attorney can come in and present a compelling case on your behalf. The hearing is not a court of law, but rather an administrative hearing, so the DMV official can only rely upon second hand evidence.

Preparing for a DMV Hearing

The experienced attorney at The Law Offices of Decio Rangel Jr. have handled many of these cases and are not afraid to challenge the evidence presented at these hearings.

Your hearing will most likely raise the issues of whether:

  • You were illegally driving while intoxicated
  • You had to be pulled over or were already stopped
  • You were arrested by officers
  • You had a blood alcohol level over the legal limit

All California drivers have consented to take a chemical test upon being pulled over. If a driver refuses to take a chemical test, it will be assumed that they are aware of the consequences for refusing—the automatic suspension of their license. After the tests are given, the officer is required to send a copy to the DMV. At this point the driver is subject to consequences from both the court and DMV.

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