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Many people erroneously believe that DUI breathalyzer test result cannot be disputed. There are various ways to challenge DUI breath tests, such as improperly maintained and calibrated equipment, and mistakes made in testing procedures. A Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from The Law Offices of Decio Rangel, Jr. can review your test results to determine their validity. We will seek a reduction in charges or case dismissal if any errors are discovered that nullify test findings.

Officers often carry a portable screening device called the Preliminary Alcohol Screening Device (PAS) or the Preliminary Breath Test (PBT). These devices are designed to measure alcohol levels in individuals and roughly determine whether someone has been consuming alcohol. The problem with these devices is that they lack specificity. There readings are not considered accurate because they detect a large number of compounds. As a result, these tests can be excluded from court when fighting a driving under the influence charge.

At times, officers will ask an individual to take the PAS test before any other field sobriety tests. This is extremely prejudicial because the results will often cloud the officer's interpretations of any other field observations. If you took a PAS test at the time of your arrest, we will work to exclude this evidence in court.

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An arrest for driving while intoxicated can lead to serious consequences that can affect your life for many years to come. Penalties can include:

  • Probation
  • Jail time
  • Fines and restitution
  • Court-ordered drug or alcohol treatment
  • Mandatory use of an alcohol consumption monitoring device
  • Community work
  • Loss of driving privileges

The Law Offices of Decio Rangel, Jr. has successfully represented clients facing DUI charges for many years. We are former prosecutors that know what to expect in a DUI case, and will work to invalidate and exclude testing evidence. Our firm is results-oriented and will execute a comprehensive defense to protect your rights and freedom.

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