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A person who has been accused of a crime is in a precarious position, to put it lightly. Depending on the nature of the alleged offense and the penalties a conviction may bring, a defendant may be in danger of facing incarceration, heavy fines and other penalties such as sex offender registration. This is why it is so important to involve a Redondo Beach criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Once you have become aware that you are under investigation or if you have already been arrested, you need to move quickly and discuss your options with a lawyer.

You may have been driving home from dinner with some friends, only to be pulled over and then arrested for DUI. You may be on probation and have been accused of a violation of some kind, such as a failure to report to your probation officer. You may work at a large corporation and have discovered that you are under investigation for embezzlement or a similar white collar crime. No matter the circumstances surrounding your case, you will need to involve an attorney.

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At the Law Offices of Decio Rangel Jr. we understand that our legal representation may mean the difference between a jail cell and freedom for our client. That is why we go the extra mile in every case we handle, utilizing all of the tools and resources at our disposal to challenge physical evidence, witness testimony and all other parts of the prosecuting attorney's case. In addition to providing criminal defense counsel in the face of criminal charges, we can offer post-conviction relief in the form of expungements (to clear your criminal record) and appeals (to challenge the verdict or sentence).

Contact a Redondo Beach criminal defense attorney at our firm today to discuss your charges and how we can help.

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