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If you have been accused of a crime or a loved one has been arrested in or around the Hermosa Beach area, it is important to work with a local attorney who is familiar with the law enforcement officers, court personnel, judges and prosecutors in the area. An experienced Hermosa Beach criminal defense lawyer can help you take the right approach to your case in order to challenge the allegations early in the process, possibly enabling you to avoid formal charges in the first place.

Our criminal defense law firm handles misdemeanor and felony cases for clients throughout the Hermosa Beach area. We understand the particular factors that come into play when representing a minor in juvenile court or a client in federal court and apply this knowledge to effectively protect our clients' rights in these cases. You may be dealing with a case involving a white collar crime, simple DUI or drug possession, serious sex crime or theft offense. No matter the severity of charges or the nature of your case, we can help.

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From the moment you are arrested, whether it is for a relatively minor offense such as drug possession or a serious violent crime, you will be in need of legal counsel. It is imperative that you involve an attorney as soon as possible. The Hermosa Beach Police Department and prosecuting attorney will be actively working to try to secure enough evidence against you to press charges and secure a conviction. Only with early involvement by a criminal defense lawyer can you be certain that your constitutional rights will protected through the entire process.

When you need dedicated defense counsel, you can trust our firm. Contact a Hermosa Beach criminal defense attorney today!

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