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Facing criminal charges can be an extremely stressful time. Getting the right lawyer on your side could be the difference between jail time and freedom. When you are up against the California legal system, you need an aggressive Los Angeles criminal attorney who knows the courts well and can keep you informed throughout the process. There is no replacement for experience, which is truly what sets The Law Offices of Decio Rangel, Jr. a step above the rest.

Our firm provides the criminally accused with zealous, professional, and skillful representation. Serving Southern California for numerous decades, we are more than prepared to help you craft a strong and strategic defense.

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What sets the Law Office of Decio Rangel, Jr apart?

Before opening up his own practice, our lead attorney formerly worked for The Justice System Integrity Division. He also served on the Criminal Law Executive Committee of California State Bar. This gives Attorney Rangel a unique advantage of possessing a vast knowledge of the court systems. When you are facing criminal charges, you want a lawyer who will not be surprised by unforeseen details or intimidated by tough situations.

He also has the following impressive qualifications:

  • 20+ years of legal experience
  • Superb Avvo Rating of 9.4
  • Courtroom practice
  • Knows the ins and outs of the legal system
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Former prosecutor with unique insight

Attorney Rangel comes widely recommend by his clients and is dedicated to securing positive results. His reputation is largely is due to his ability to connect with people, understand their situation, and empathetically defend them. Attorney Rangel makes himself available around-the-clock to ensure that his clients can always reach him and feel supported every step of the way.

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If you have been charged with a crime, you cannot afford to leave your fate in the hands of a mediocre legal defense. Attorney Rangel can work tirelessly on your behalf, helping you craft the best possible defense against your accusations. If you are worried about your future and your freedom, you need to reach out to our firm—we are available day or night.

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